Gino Conti

My name is Marzio Conti, and I am a musician, orchestra conductor and former flute soloist. Along with a vast collection of my father’s paintings, I inherited from him  something fundamental: the love of beauty.

My father showed it to me every day in his beloved Florence back in the 1960s, often as we traveled together through the hills of Tuscany on his Vespa. He told me stories about his childhood during the Fascist regime, while the Second World War was raging, or when Florence was liberated. He pointed out the sight of an old farmhouse or a cypress grove or a picturesque view of Florence.

My father was self-taught in the true sense of the word. If you look at one of his last paintings, rich in an almost photographic perfection, it would be hard to imagine that a former worker at a scientific instrument maker could have reached such a high artistic standard by following his instincts, his sensibility and his aesthetic capacity.